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Business Organizations

Are you an owner or partner in a sole proprietorship, general or limited partnership, joint venture, LLC, closely held corporation (S-Corp), or an investor in a local franchise? In any type of business there are numerous laws and regulations that a business must abide by.

Through every step of the business process from business planning to the sale of a business, legal decisions must be made. For example, during startup, it is important to establish management and ownership duties, file your new business with state agencies, draft and file articles of incorporation and review documents for initial capitalization. Once established, your business will be required to report financials, follow regulatory compliance, handle tax issues, and comply with many laws covering; antitrust, consumer protection, contracts, employees, environment, finances and taxes.

Businesses should also protect themselves against litigation that can arise from personal injury (workman's compensation), labor and employment (sexual harassment), wage and hour laws (overtime, weekends and holidays), employment contracts (non-compete agreements) and wrongful termination. There are legal actions that a business can take against breach of contract, interference with business relationships, unfair trade, and patent violation.

When selling your business you have three options; a merger, an acquisition or combination. It is important to have a lawyer draft a contract that will ensure the best scenario for both parties while following the state and federal antitrust laws, tax laws, securities and corporate governance requirements.

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